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Why are there 2 wicks? 

We have found in our testing that for the size of our container, instead of using one large wick, using two smaller wicks produces the best, most even burn. Make sure to use both wicks at the same time for the best experience. Please see our candle care & safety page for more information about getting the best experience from your candle.

What kind of wax do you use?

We use a blend of several waxes, including coconut wax and white beeswax. More specifically we use a proprietary wax blend called Coconut-83 (aka Accu-Pure® #83 by Accu-Blend) which is predominantly a coconut wax fortified with other vegetable waxes and utilizes an additional binding agent (it utilizes both vegetable and petroleum-based ingredients). We also further fortify our blend with white beeswax, which is a harder wax. We feel that this blend ensures beautiful, consistent, and even-burning candles with excellent scent throw.

Do you use essential oils?

No. We use fragrance oils that have been specifically designed for safe use in candles.

What are your wicks made of?

Depending on the candle, there are two different types of wicks we use to produce the best outcome: a cotton braided wick with thin paper threads and a flat braid cotton core wick. (ECO series & Premier 700 series with natural wax coating)

Why don’t you use glass container?

We create our candles in Sitka, Alaska and therefore must deal with the unique realities and joys of shipping materials to and from an island. Unfortunately, while glass is beautiful, it is also heavy and break prone. We have found that tins solve both those problems and allow us to price our candles competitively.

Please feel free to email us at info@farawaycandleco.com if you have any further questions.